Thursday, February 16, 2017

You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone

And if these immigrants can make clear (a point Keith Olbermann spelled out in detail) just how much work, that wouldn't be done, if they weren't here to do it. Maybe then they can put a meaningful bottom line to the truth about what it will cost to either do without, or pay the premium to make it happen another way. It will also, certainly, make it just as clear that most immigrants are nothing but a hard working, positive input to our economy. Why we wouldn't already have faith on this, with the way history clearly shows that, time and again, it was immigrants who were willing to come in at the bottom, and work their way up, I still do not understand.

There's another aspect to this, however, that might not be immediately apparent. And by that I mean that there may be some dualities that are going on with, what is essentially, a tried and true, labor action. That it is such an action should serve to remind us that we are all, at bottom, working people trying to find a way for ourselves, and our children, to prosper. And of course be able to exercise a lot of personal choice in doing it.

And because of our bond of being working, wage earners, we should be able to see the connection that maybe the rest of us already here need to start thinking along similar lines. Similar, but a lot bigger; as with across the board work stoppages, so that our displeasure this commercial deal isn't working anymore, is made absolutely apparent. But there is also one other connection.

If you look down the road a bit, and you see the robots, and the AI software coming on. You see Tech Titans like Musk saying it's "become a cyborg," or become irrelevant. And you ought to be asking yourself, wait a minute: aren't I in the process now of becoming an alien in my own country? In this case a skills/attributes alien who may not be able to get by even I had a "human green card?"

And if we do not stop the juggernaut, that mutated Capitalism has become, the thing that gives the instruments of automation their prime reason to be, we may well face a future where, if you're just human, you may be less even than merely irrelevant. Maybe then you become more pest than anything else. After that you might not even rate "concentration camps."

And a video too: