Sunday, February 19, 2017

Something Else You Wouldn't Know...

...If there were not a lot of dedicated people, sweating nails to get it done, digging away to find out what is really going on around us.

You may not realize this, but what is "really going on," around us, is important not merely because it can sometimes generates big headlines. It's important because it often presents a situation where there is both a clear problem, as well as an equally clear, responsible party at the bottom of it. And, of course, in a cost oriented economy, direct liability suddenly established often means one mother of a hit to the bottom line; out of the blue. Not something that puts an economic entity, or those ostensibly in charge, in any kind of a good light. And when that happens, huge collections of what was once a set market value (or at least a trading range not very broad in it fluctuations), as in the share price of the entity, go south. And when that happens, people who went to bed the night before worth a very great deal, wake up to being worth considerably less. A situation that hits them not only in their ability to leverage further deals, but also in the ego as their standings in the ranks of the richest suffer as well.

As you might imagine, this turns out to be a double whammy to people who just assume their right to be our betters, and in charge. Such people take this sort of development even worse than hearing the word "no" when they ask for something to be done for them. Which leaves us with a group of people being given large incentives to make the rest of us, finding out anything at all, as nearly as impossible as modern machinations can permit.

And so we have a new leadership making every effort to gut every institution even remotely capable of providing any such form of enlightenment. Gutting their ability to exist, or gutting their credibility, or whatever else might work.

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