Friday, February 10, 2017

Will We Soon Be Printing Structures With Graphene Foam?

As if you needed to be reminded, some amazing things are happening the world of materials science. Graphene in and of itself of course, thought the work there is still slower than desired because of difficulties in manufacturing it in quantity with its sheet form, but with the foam approach a limit to production capability isn't nearly as much of a factor.

As you can see in the linked video below a piece of foam, something perhaps a bit less than an inch square, is holding up under nearly a ton of tensile load. Doesn't take a genius here to see that such foam could be a real boon to much easier construction techniques.

Even on the face of news of this sort it's easy to say "that's great," no matter of other considerations. A plus all the way around.

Wouldn't it be better, though, if we could utilize such discoveries without any fear whatsoever as to the jobs it might eliminate (however few, or many that may be)? Wouldn't it be great if, in the context of an alternative like mine, you were a member of a community set up as I have described them (see here, here, or here). And let's say that you had accumulated both the materials requirements (in you participation of community upkeep), as well as the service time on the various community maintained machines needed, to build an amazingly cool, new free style home? Or maybe you only needed to add a workshop to an existing home.

You may have already made use of the surveying bot of course, or done it yourself (the videos online to show how are pretty good for that). Laser referencing posts would have been placed. The underlying utilities pipes and wires as well. All that would be left is for the structure printer to roll up on its tracks, you making sure the cad design you imputed was recognized, and initialized, and you would be on your way.

Just something to think about when you find yourself worrying about what's to become of your current job. Or what kinds of pay sacrifice you'll be asked to make again to keep the job you have now... You know... The one that barely allows you to make ends meet as it is?

And here's the introduction video: