Friday, February 3, 2017

To Have A Viable Opposition That Can Actually Hope...

...To provide us with the chance for meaningful change, we need to become more than a revised version of “reform” minded liberals.

The basic starting problem with being “reform” minded in the first place is that it assumes a residual faith in the current economic operating model now in place. And in that faith is an inherent understanding that you will keep buying into the basic foundations that support it. Which is why it was hardly surprising that Clinton, even as she proclaimed in a campaign speech, before she lost, that she would do away with money in politics, was a major recipient of big money donations. The Clinton's have always, after all, been their own kind of pro business (trying to bring forth the “Third Way,” and all). In this, at the core, is the belief that, thought obviously flawed, Capitalism, with the right kinds of reform legislation in place, can be managed in both a fiscally sound, as well as socially equitable, way.

The problem is folks, nothing could be further from the truth.

The only way for a new opposition to make a strong challenge for change is to offer a form of Progressive Realism that makes sense both technologically, socially, and in practical terms within Democratic norms. And to do that we must first realize that Capitalism is in fact quite obsolete.

It truly can't take us where we need to go. Our sensibilities have changed. The environments now possible to live and work in have changed. A completely new perspective on how we go about doing the production,distribution, and management, of needs, where individual liberty and collective responsibility, are in balance, must be found, and utilized to come up with something fundamentally new.

And then, having found that, and starting on the ongoing work of better defining it, we set out to organize working people like it has never been done before. Organizing working people not by particular industry, but by the mere fact of being a wage earner. Organization that must work the full span of commercial life. Organization that bases itself on the proposition that Capitalism has had its day (for a host of very real reasons) and it is way past time to replace it. And the only way to do that is to be able to put very large chunks of the entire economy on strike.

If we can do that. If we can show the money people that the days of their counters are numbered, I can assure you that the powers that be will have to stop and listen to us. They'll have to stop and realize that they are either going to be part of the solution, or just unavoidable collateral damage (though definitely in a non violent sense).

Obviously I think I have outlined a place to start from here. I've put a lot of years into trying to come up with the reasons that support my basic contention (obsolescence), as well as the why's my alternative would fit the requirement. What I ask of you all now is to begin looking into this yourselves. Ask questions. Find the flaws(I don't have all of the questions yet so I can assure you that I don't have anywhere even near all of the answers to what I'm missing in my alternative. Which is no more than to say that no one mind is going to be able to figure out the details in any solution, much less mine). Maybe come up with a better alternative. 

The major point here is that it simply cannot be based on Capitalism anymore. And that is absolutely where we need to start from.

February 1, 2017

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