Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Advertising So Often Says Way More Than Either The Creators Of the Ad...

 ...Or The People Selling The Product Realize.

The example I have in mind here isn't exactly an advertisement, but I'm pretty sure it has a good portion of what the company wants to use as a selling theme in it. The title phrase used here sure seems to suggest it (see the picture, and link, below): "Samsung Wants To Turn Augmented Reality Into The OS Of Your Life."

That phrase, if you dwell on it for any length of time at all sure does conjure up some interesting interplay of ideas. This is especially true for someone like me who has declared that our current "operating" system is now obsolete.

I am, of course, advocating for the creation of a new operating system. One where we get to control what is produced because we are also in charge of maintaining the productive means to make it all happen. Whereupon we are also directly responsible for the consequences of what (and how) we produce, as well as what we get to have as personal possessions at the end of the day.

The article here talks about how screen proliferation, and different devices requiring them aren't using VR, or AR, as seamlessly cross platform as they could be, given, say the right kind of screen glasses. Glasses that could blend the perfect mix of actual surroundings, with whatever content add on might be desired, at any given moment.

Interestingly enough my alternative would benefit greatly with a pair of VR, AR, glasses such as these, say if they were tied into a universal task, or process, operational database; a database that, with other sensors, might give someone who's something less than an expert, exactly the context sensitive advice they needed in order to complete a work order designated within a particular task, or process. And in that vein, when you read that title phrase, you can really see where this might be a real part of the "OS of your life."

Of course, if you simply leave things as they are, and have these new, seamlessly cross platform glasses giving you VR and AR, in splendid blends, there is really no way they will be the actual OS of your life. That is already in place silly. What these will instead give you is the thanks of those who now run the current operating system. This is because that new found seamlessness will mean boundless more time where your eyes, ears, and brain, will be squarely within the streams of output that provide the input streams of profit for the current system's controllers.

And just remember. No matter what type of controller wand they give you, and no matter how immersively real what you play around in is, you will in fact be in control of precisely nothing of importance as pertains to your real life.

Samsung Wants To Turn Augmented Reality Into The OS Of Your Life