Friday, February 10, 2017

Now We Know Why Putin Didn't Retaliate

His patsy in the White house had his, soon to be installed, National Security advisor tell the Russians not to worry. These sanctions would be "revisited," so to speak, and Putin would get his money's worth for helping with the election.

No big surprise certainly. Just par for the course as far as the new administration is concerned. You do have to wonder, though, if Putin is worried at all on whether his guy in the White House can stop focusing on judges, who have the nerve to remind him of how our laws work, or on bad mouthing a department stores that won't continue selling stuff his staff is endorsing for his family. Is he ever going to get back around to actually paying off on this debt? Lip service is one thing, but the check can only be in the mail for so long. If Putin starts getting antsy do you think we can expect some interesting leeks to come unexpected sources?

Isn't this just so much better now that we have a "Reality TV" show actually in the White House? So entertaining.