Sunday, February 19, 2017

If You Hire The Virtual Equivelent of an entire U.S. Army division...

...To fill the ranks of the Border Patrol (5,000) and the Immigration, Control and  Enforcement (10,000) agencies, you have, in effect, stated that the immigrant problem is more serious than Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Europe.

I say that because making the requisite manpower, and logistics streams, available to support that size of a force, whoever gives them their theatre marching orders, is to make it very much more difficult to apply force, or have it ready to be applied, in other areas of security concern. And if you're talking that many people you could also be indicating an actual Brigade disbursement pattern that might actually affect more than one hot spot at same time (as we seldom send in just "big numbers" to handle a given situation).

Are undocumented workers anywhere near the kind of threat level to warrant that kind of skewed disbursement; a disbursement of what we have a very limited ability to disperse in the first place? Or is this going to be Reagan, and Bush Jr. all over again; where we double down on the wars we refuse to pay up front for? You know... With actual taxes instead of borrowed money? And you also don't mobilize everyone, as with the conscription you would use in a real war?

This is truly just another case of follow the money. Not only would we be shooting ourselves in the foot, trying to put force to a labor segment we actually do need, and taking that hit in price hikes for the premiums paid to get this hard labor done; we would also likely end up paying further premiums for the enforcement that would be needed in the much more critical areas in any case.

This is most definitely not how one goes about setting up a rational list of critical priorities. No one, though, would accuse the new administration of an abundance of rationality. More's the pity. The question then comes down to whether you will stand for this or not. If you call your Congressional Delegation in Washington DC enough, however, may be you can let both parties know it is simply unacceptable.

Homeland Security Memos Detail How Trump Could Detain and Deport

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