Thursday, February 16, 2017

Do you have to pee blue to be clearly off..

...Your throne?

Whether you wished you were a King already, and not just a lame ass President hoping to become one? Or Not?

Maybe. That, and maybe jabbering to non-existent people (without a headset present), while you also cavort all around the White House naked, as well.

I say that because, as crazy dumb as I might perceive the behavior of holders of high office, I would really hesitate to make taking one out of office, on the grounds of acute mental disorder, the way to remove what otherwise ought be be a quite clearly unfit, on all aspects of qualifications, current holder of such office. Most especially if that holder of office was also unequivocally subject to reasonable suspicions of serious illegality.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the "mental" play is a sword that cuts way too easily in the opposite scenario; as in taking out a quite sane leader who is simply stepping on too many powerful toes. And so the temptation to use it in the "Kinge George," (for lack of a better handle) situation should be approached with great caution.

Which is precisely what the second letter (see the link below from Digg), in the controversial pair of letters connected to the Op Ed piece by Charles M Blow, cautions against. And it was written by the guy who, in large part, wrote the reference book on mental disorders.

For my part I have to say that I still believe that the "T" man is not clinically, or pathologically, insane. Even though he does make it hard to keep that faith ongoing. I think he does still know the difference between right and wrong, He knows full well what he's doing is wrong. The fact is he not only doesn't care about being, sort of, caught out in his transgressions. In fact, doing it boldly, and getting away with it is part of the rush. And he's convinced himself that he will be able to continue to get away with it because not caring gives him an edge in what he sees as power brinksmanship. You want to go to the mat with him, fine. Bring it. He's confident that he can bring enough chaos along with him that you'll blink way before any blood starts flowing.

And why shouldn't he believe that when his own party has not only blinked, it has dropped its pants, bent over and kept a big grin of its face; even while repeating the phrase "as you please my lord, as you please."

And sadder still is the fact that they, via evil machinations, and an opposition party that hasn't had any new thinking, or better alternatives, in decades, are in the majority in both houses of Congress. I mean seriously. Even if Mr "T" were peeing blue, and running around naked, the Republicans would suddenly be color blind, and always vociferously appreciative of the emperor's new robes.

I'm not going to say what should be done about Mr. "T." I am, in fact, making every effort I can now to not talk about this man at all (no easy task either). What should be done is for you to figure out. Calling all of your Congressmen is a good start. Say Yea or Nay, but say something.

As bad as this man may, or may not be, he is still no more, or less, a product of, or symptom of, a greater problem: how are we to both prosper materially, and govern ourselves, knowing that the current economic operating system is so blatantly obsolete. So much so as to offer a much greater contrast to action than even the color of one's urine might suggest.

In this operating system's obsolescence, it has created a mutated form of Capitalism that makes us all more than a little crazy, destroys the planet, and puts into great question how we can continue to "work for a living." If we don't find answers to those questions, and soon, a mad king may well become the least of our worries.

Mental Health Experts Are Publicly Arguing About Whether Donald Trump Is Mentally Ill

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