Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Manipulating Numbers...

...To make more numbers.

And they still think they can call this investment strategies.

In one sense perhaps they are, but if so only for the individual who might have, however fleetingly (once observed in a particular way things have a funny habit of not responding as they once did, as the complex system takes in these new observation, and reaction sets, and then starts changing again in slightly different ways), created the new learning methodology. For the rest of us, any money made might as well be photons impacting the moon for all of the good it will do us.

This is, once again, another aspect of just how abysmally screwed up any notion of investment efficacy can become. Where efficacy is the idea that investment ought to have some real component of improving infrastructure, general knowledge, or worker productivity, in some way, either singularly, or in combinations of these boons. But ever since Capitalism got mutated into a turbo electric number cruncher, more and more of what makes "money" anymore has very little to do with advancing our ability to not only make anything of substance, but of our ability to actually benefit together as a working economy.

And so the middle class continues to dwindle. The ability of government to continue to provide meaningful services continues to dwindle. And the whole monstrous mutation becomes even more of a zero sum game. Yea Electrified Capitalism!

Just another reason why it simply doesn't make sense anymore. Not for the majority of us. You know... The ones who've always been told that working harder was always the ticket to prosperity. Well... These days that's just what the new carny people tell the rubes to get them to keep playing.


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