Sunday, February 19, 2017

Big Money, or Big Poultry If You Like, Wants Competition...

...Only for those who supply it. Not for what they sell. So, if you are a grower, you are much like anyone else in the labor market. You compete with each other for the marginal profits available when big retailers can get what they need virtually anywhere, and the rest of us, as consumers, pay the premium thus required for the retailers to be guaranteed fat profit margins.

You wouldn't know about this at all, of course, if there weren't groups of dedicated people, in both government regulatory agencies, and the media, always digging away at, sometimes quite difficult to pursue, paths of information. Which means, even from this point back through time, with multiple sets of leadership, who were either indifferent, or sort of mostly supportive, of having at least some of this information be available, and that there be regulators actively engaged in keeping track, not to mention investigative reporters, actually getting at the needed info has still been no easy task at all.

Now imagine a leadership where there was no longer even indifference to regulation, or the collection, and free flow of critical information. Imagine a leadership outright inimical of any kind of scrutiny of what any part of Big Money, or Big Retailers, do. Imagine the premiums you will be made to pay (what I like to call the Fuck You Tax), that you will not be aware of, even as your only commodity, your labor, or your small business contribution to what the big boys do, is kept as competitive as hell. They grow stronger. You grow weaker, and the ability to change the situation becomes ever more problematic.

If this does not strike a chord for you as pertains to current events then you deserve exactly what you are going to get.

You’re Getting Skinned on Chicken Prices, Suit Says

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