Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Apparently Not All Of The Tech World Has Awakened...

...To the need to resist.

One tech giant in particular still thinks in terms of the economic imperative of AI; an imperative based almost entirely on the turbo electric mutation of Capitalism going beyond any and all sense of human proportions.

We, in fact, don't need any of this insane escalation of competitive process, where everything has to keep disrupting everything else at a greater rate, because anyone who doesn't participate gets quickly renditioned to the obsolete pile... That is, of course, except the one thing underlying all that we do now that is way more obsolete than any of us will ever be, and that is the current operating system that was never meant to be pushed to the electrified extremes it has been.

The very fact that this mutated monster is taking not only us, but all of what we live in, into impossible realms of insanity ought to be a clue of the first order that perhaps, just perhaps, the problem isn't in us, or a nature that refuses to bend to our whims, that is the real issue. Maybe it's the inhumane demands it makes on us that should be our point of departure here. As in asking: What the fuck is wrong with this picture? Why are we beating ourselves up for not measuring up, or not becoming machine like, quickly enough? Why are we allowing this kind of "you need to find, and attain, your inner cyborg as soon as possible" thinking to go unchallenged? After all, the last time I checked, the damned operating system is supposed to be an aid to our development, and our prosperity, not the other damn way around.

This is certainly not to say that using tech ever more personally will never be a good idea. It might well be a quite good idea in various applications; helping us to live longer; helping us to move through large amounts of data more effectively (and not just simply faster). The point is not whether or not we should use tech more closely adapted to our bodies, but rather that we come to use it at our own pace, and for our own needs and reasons. And anytime you hear a tech giant like the one featured here say anything even close to what he's saying here just be ready to shout Bull Shit as loud as you possibly can.

Elon Musk: Humans must merge with machines or become irrelevant in AI age

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