Thursday, January 12, 2017

The "Chaff" That An Actual Document Was "Fake News"

Let's clear about something here. The dossier that a former British member of MI6 is purported to have created, a dossier that everybody has made absolutely clear is filled with unsubstantiated charges, is not fake news. That dossier exists. It has been circulating within the highest levels of our government for some time now. It was finally reported precisely because of its widespread circulation in government. BuzzFeed did not create that document, it simply reported that it was out there.

Fake news is a story like the "Comet" pizza parlor harboring a pedifile operation in a basement it did not pocess. That began as fever rumors in fringe sites that other fringe commentators picked up on, and from which many in the Republican party seized on when it was convenient for them, including Mr. Trump.

That Trump and his cronies would jump to label this "fake news" is quite understandable. That Chuck Todd would do so also is quite unbelievable to me; especially as it then serves to divert his attention from all of the reasonable concern that Trump has colluded with the Russians, and he continues to evade providing any credible evidence to counter those concerns; particularly as it concerns his debts and the suspicion he's been given aid there to keep him afloat.

What this does illustrate, unfortunately, is the skill the Trump camp has at utilizing "chaff" to obfuscate what really should be focused on at any given time.

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