Monday, January 30, 2017

Which Religion Are We Talking About Here?

The linked video here claims that Liberals Have lost their religion.

There's an easy assumption to be made here, of course, and that's where it's necessarily only a theology that we need to be talking about here, and not only that but of faith in general as well. And the difference there is what I want to post about now.

Certainly, as a group, and as the video makes clear, Liberals in general don't go in for traditional norms of faith; especially when a deity is involved. What you have to remember, however, is that Liberals are, if nothing else, a product of the age of reason, which of course is where the Renaissance came to flourish. In this sense empiricism, and enlightenment, came together to form a faith in both knowledge and rational Capitalism. Free Trade, free markets, the free flow of information, and the "rule by law" would be our path to truly just salvation (remembering just how brutal things were materially in Feudal times). And to this day their faith remains in those, even if circumstances in the last twenty to thirty years have made that faith harder and harder to hold on to.

So... If you don't have deities, and this faith in markets has really been coming up a pauper, is your faith in science, and knowledge in general, enough to sustain you? Judging by not only their lack of success lately, but also by their lack of anything even resembling a comprehensive new vision for a self governed people to latch onto, what is a political grouping to do?

Let's see... A political persuasion needs both a new faith, and a new way to pursue a just, well informed, new type of prosperity... Hmmm.... I'm going to go out on limb here and say I might just have something here they ought to be aware of. Just saying.

If they bothered to take the time to look into it they might be quite pleasantly surprised. At the very least, it couldn't hurt.


Liberals Have Lost Their Religion And That's Come Back To Bite Them

The Democratic Party has become the party of the secular and that's a big turn off for Americans of faith.
The Atlantic

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