Monday, January 16, 2017

Our Fear Of Terrorism Is Made Worse Than The Threat Actually Is

Too often it is in the interests of various powers that be to make you more afraid of something than is actually warranted. For one interest it may be to sell a product (viewership being only one of these -- as being "safe" in this nation is also a product). For another it may be to gather votes, or another to make you receptive to policies (especially here) you wouldn't ordinarily be very receptive to.

Just consider how much freedom we've given up already, not to mention how much money is being spent, to prevent terrorism here. Freedoms that are difficult to get back, and money that might be better spent on other, even more threatening issues. Everything is a trade off of course, and I don't want to minimize the possible, very real tragedy that can happen from terrorism no matter what the relative numbers might be, but just consider:

1. We accept the fact of tens of thousands of deaths on our highways each year because we value the freedom of movement.

2. We accept the fact of tens of thousands of deaths each year because of poor health choices because we value the right to decide for ourselves how much we will eat or drink, as well as what types of food or drink that will compose that consumption, and how little exercise we will engage in to go along with it.

3. We accept the fact of tens of thousands of deaths each year because of product defects, safety procedures ignored or avoided, or general environmental damages that could be prevented, because we enjoy the freedom of spending money on other things, as well as the freedom of not having to deal with government enforced rules to preclude these deficiencies, or damages.

Just some things to think about the next time someone wants to make things more authoritarian, as in police state, here.

How Media Fuels Our Fear of Terrorism

By Nemil Dalal