Saturday, January 7, 2017

With Support Like This...

...Why would you be embracing the dictator behind it?

I have posted speculation on why our Lord of the Tantrum Text would do this. And I reiterate that it is still speculation. We don't know for all the facts yet on why Trump still praises the dictator who was trying to fuck with a very important part of what makes this country tick. But we sure as hell have a lot to be suspicious of. And rather than go out of his way to try and dispel that suspicion, let alone distance himself from the guy behind it all, Trump continues to double down on making things worse.

Just ask yourselves. Is this the behavior of an honorable man? Is this the behavior of someone who values propriety (in a position of power where it matters most), let alone truth? Can anything he does from this point forward, inasmuch as it might benefit Russia, be allowed to be taken as anything but a true quid pro quo?

Now, more than ever, Trump must come clean on all aspects of his financial background; everything, including tax returns. Anything less than that is an admission of guilt.

Report: Putin, Russia Tried to Help Trump By 'Discrediting' Clinton

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