Thursday, January 12, 2017

His Response To Being In Putin's Pocket?

Contradictory bluster and nothing of substance (from the linked article below):
"...When it came to hacking, Trump's answers were confusing and it was difficult to tell how he will handle relations with Russia going forward.
On the one hand, he said for the first time that he accepted the intelligence community's conclusion that Russia was behind hacks, but he added later "it could have been others."
He said Putin "shouldn't be doing it" and even suggested he might support sanctions levied by President Obama in response. But Trump also declined to condemn Putin and added "If Putin likes Trump, I consider that an asset." Nor did he sound upset about a Russia cyberattack on American democratic institutions: Echoing his old campaign rallies, he urged the press to "look at what was learned from that hacking" of the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta..."
"...Much like his conflict of interests issues, Trump offered few ways to independently build confidence that he was free from Russian influence. He repeated that he had no loans or business ties with "Russia," but did not pledge to provide any information that would confirm Putin had no financial leverage over him.
Nor did he suggest any kind of public inquiry that could issue a decisive report on Russian espionage. Democrats and some Republicans have called for a select committee or a blue-ribbon commission with subpoena power to investigate the matter..."
If there was any kind of method to this blunderbuss of a Q and A it was to try and lead with an effort towards more obscuring chaff with his BS proposals on addressing conflict of interest issues, as well as the "unsubstantiated charges document" (trying to use it to create a bogus fake news angle), and even there he made things worse for himself.

All of this is a clear indication that he has no intent, let alone actual means, to clear himself of serious allegations of collusion with a foreign government. Seriously. If he could clear himself with release of his tax records wouldn't be doing so now (remember, it's his debts that likely put Russian hooks into him)? Or is only too painfully aware that this would only make things worse. And just ask yourself this: Now that he has received all of the benefit he's likely to get from Putin (the hacking to help with getting elected) what benefit is there to be had in continuing to heap praise on the guy? Especially now that the political fallout continues to escalate? Wouldn't any sane person drop the whole "let's cozy up to Russia" plan now that it's costing him so much? And if he isn't, what other logical conclusion can you draw? It ain't rocket science after all.

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