Friday, January 20, 2017

A Protection That's Likely To Be Taken Away From You

A student loan collection company that ran rampant with overcharges. To the Tune of $4 billion no less. As if student loans weren't hard enough to pay without the "we'll fuck you because we can" tax. And the guys that found them out are just another of the protections our inefficient, and overbearing government will probably not be providing you now that Our Lord of the Tantrum Text is taking up residence in the White House.

As I've said before, government is not very good at doing a lot of things, but given the choice of having poorly run protections, or no protections at all, I think I would prefer to err on the side of the former. Because poorly done or not something is better than nothing when it comes to the rapacious appetites of those who live enthralled by money. Most especially when that enthrallment comes at the behest of a belief system with the longevity and staying power of Capitalism.

I do have to point out, before moving on here, something that still puzzles me about the anti government crowd. On the one hand, as a point of principle, you decry most everything government run. On the other hand, however, you end up voting for candidates worse than idiots because you have lost faith in those who have been running things. My question is: How can there be anybody running things in good stead when you seek to put people in office who don't believe in government either. And if the order of the day is that government is bad, then why wouldn't those who believe a great deal more in the power of money, and profit, think they have a right to do as they please. After all, the belief system that lies at the foundation of their passion says that markets are the ultimate arbiter of good outcomes. And of course, human nature being what it is, if I think I'm one of the chosen to do Capitalist good, why shouldn't I get a special premium for my great service. After all, it's only those idiots who do believe in government who do it out of sense of selfless service. And if you have any doubt about that just look at the contrast between the guy who's departing the White House, and the guy who will now be taking up residence. Do you really think there is any way the former is in this to the same degree of not feathering his own bed? Or that the latter thinks this is anything but a chance to further his brand, and that brand's ability to make him more money?

Student Loan Collector Navient Sued for Overcharging Borrowers