Monday, January 16, 2017

The Company Trump Keeps

One of the details that was given internet copy about was Trump's Russian connections that dealt with the Russian mob. This has been the main basis for the charge that organized crime there has been funneling loans to the so called "artist of the deal," so as to keep him afloat through the several major bankruptcies he has gone through. Specific bits of "smoking gun" evidence has been hard to come by on this score, despite what a lot of people in the know there claim.

That being the case, of course, healthy scepticism should remain in place. Even with that being said, however, doesn't change the fact that, when circumstantial evidence continues to mount, you have to keep a corresponding scepticism about all of the denials that continue to be issued from the Trump camp.

For instance, would there be any reason why we should think Trump would be prone to give any mobster, let alone members of the Russian mod, even small bits of his time? After all, in order to ask for favors of organized crime, wouldn't you first need to have some trusted connections so as to make your needs known?

Funny you should ask that question. Keith Olbermann has no doubt been asking himself that same question, and it shouldn't be any surprise that the answer wasn't all that hard to find. During Trump's recent $525 a ticket New Year's Eve bash, one of his long time friends was prominent: Joe Cinque, aka Joey No Socks; who, as it happens, used to be friends of John Gotti. A friend who just currently happens to run a rubber stamping (along with a Trump son), hotel quality assessment group; set up naturally to heap praise on Trump establishments.

What a coincidence, huh?

Donald Trump Has Some Colorful Friends