Wednesday, January 25, 2017

If This Is The Kind Of Destination You Desire...

Then by all means, stay on the path of Capitalism.

Not to say that Capitalism is to blame for all of it certainly. But you do have to admit that it plays one hell of a role in getting us to this sorry state of affairs. Would this man even have a brand if it were not do to money, and the things it can manipulate?

You may not agree on what I have outlined for an alternative, but you either have to have to accept that we are on the right road, despite the difficulties, or that we are not and you are ready to suggest a better alternative, because if you have one, I beg you please post it here. I will gladly sing its praises, and support your better idea, rather than continue as we have been. If you have a better idea you can probably articulate it better in anycase. So have at it. Because somebody better come up with a better pretty soon.

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