Saturday, December 17, 2016

This Is The Power Of Big Corporations And Big Money

In this case it is making you pay a good deal more for very necessary drugs.  The point to emphasize here is that, inefficient though it may be, government, be it either federal, state or local, is currently the only thing between you and being fucked over in one form or another.

Like a lot of you I don't particularly relish the fact that government is all we have to watch our backs (public, non profit organizations do a lot to sper government on, but in the end, it is usually government that is the one that actually does something about it). I would much prefer we took responsibilities for ourselves to make, and manage, our own protections. This, to me, is a big part of what it means to be a Libertarian. Unfortunately the only way to ever do that effectively is to start over with a completely new economic operating system, and the social organization to work with that system.

That being said, however, does not change the fact that, for the time being, government is all we have as a counterbalance to the power of big corporations, and Big Money. When you elect someone who promises to get government out of your lives you are being led down a path that has little to do with the best interests of the citizenry, and a great deal to do with corporate power maintaining itself. And of course it's almost always some form of more profits, and less scrutiny or control.

You might want to keep this mind as you continue to pay more for anything that is essential either for staying fed, staying healthy (getting poisoned, or injured, unnecessarily is just as bad as not getting the medicine you need), getting educated, or keeping a roof over your head.


A civil complaint filed by 20 states accuses the companies of conspiring to artificially inflate prices on an antibiotic and a diabetes drug, with executives coordinating through informal industry gatherings and personal calls and text messages.