Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Here We See The Poster Child For The "Men Of Conviction..."

...That support our new leader of the texted tantrum.

I point him out now because it is interesting to note that, even after all the requisite boot licking, and ass kissing of the Lord High of Tantrums, he still gets dispensed with. And this is interesting not because Christie became mired in controversy.  It shows how the L.H.T. can get former adversaries sucked into his brand and then still be treated as the whims of his ego dictates (just review the cringe factor for Christie in how he was treated in joint campaign appearances).  How could somebody like this resist sucking in the other "Weathervane" holders of conviction of the Republican Party (you know, those guys whose bedrock beliefs twist in the breaking wind of convenience) so ready to abase themselves in pivoting again; thinking that their own bit of strategic licking, and kissing would get them something in value in return. Only to see themselves either tossed aside because those prostrating actions were all that were really required of them by the L.H.T., or kept on because there was more humiliation to be had in giving them post they criticized just as they once criticized their new lord (as with Rick Perry with a department he wanted to get rid of, but whose name he couldn't remember).

You would think that this would be a cautionary to anybody thinking of hooking their aspirations of gain to the capricious nature of this guy's commitment to "his word as bond."

Seriously, even when it's formalized in an actual contract he finds ways of screwing most of those foolish enough to take such commitments seriously. And yet people seeking their own personal agendas still sign on. An amazement to say the least.

A good number of the American electorate signed on as well, though, in this case, seeking only meaningful change. The really sad part there, however, is that change is indeed coming, but it will not be for the better because, in this context, it will be our best interests that will be thrown under the bus of this man's single minded drive for personal aggrandizement.

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