Saturday, December 10, 2016

Inconvenient Truths

The Trump spin team has been forced to put in a little overtime it would seem. The Russian hacking angle into our elections just won't go away. And now they have to, once again, criticize our own intelligence community in order to try and divert attention that from the fact that the hacking was real, and had an effect on the election.

What is interesting now, however, is that their latest little sound bite (quoted from the article linked below):
Donald Trump's transition team appeared to take a swipe at the Central Intelligence Agency Friday and call the spy agency "the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction."
 This is, in fact, the opposite of the truth. The Bush Administration, and in particular Vice President Cheney,  went to some significant pains to cherry pick elements of what the intelligence community, as a whole, was trying to tell them. And despite the leadership of the CIA going along with Cheney's oil interest's infused crusade against Saddam, both CIA and DIA, insiders were trying to tell them that several of the main elements suggesting WMDs were not credible (see here). The problem, of course, was that Cheney's oil buddies had already decided, years prior to the actual Iraq war, that Saddam had to go in order to get at the oil. It also didn't hurt that Cheney's friends saw enormous profit potential in the contracts that would have to let out to support the war.

What will really be telling, going into the future however, is what Trump does as a Quid Pro Quo for Putin's help in getting him elected. And if indications so far hold up Putin is likely to get paid handsomely with the weakening of NATO, and our caving in to what Putin wants in the Ukraine.

So, just to review folks, not only is Trump not going to be the champion of populist issues, he is also quite likely to be the first President to sell out his own country for personal gain. Any questions?

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