Sunday, December 11, 2016

Doubling Down On Getting Cosy With Putin And Russia

You really have to wonder about the brazen disregard our President Elect has for rubbing our noses into his obvious sellout to Putin and the Russians. It's like he doesn't only not care if people know, he just assumes he's going to get away with it regardless.

This really is stepping into ground where the rest of what is left of our representational government needs to actively push for a Congressional declaration of Trump's being unfit for office (there actually is a provision in the Constitution for that), or outright impeachment. Where it needs to ask itself just how much more is it going to take before you see his total disregard for propriety for what it really is. an absolute commitment only to his own self interest, and the rest of what that office is supposed to stand for be damned.

In this pick for Secretary of State there can be no doubt that the criteria used to go with Rex Tillerson has nothing to do with actual qualifications demanded for someone who would represent the best interests of this nation, and everything to do with paying for services rendered in getting you elected. And in that, of course, it's a two for one deal because there's also the oil industry that's getting a shill placed into a seat of power.

If you value an government unsullied by the machinations of a foreign power, a power that has no regard for our best interests, then you will be urging your Congressional delegation to take action to remove Trump from the office of the President. If you don't then I guess you just don't care, and Trump has every right to be this brazen and more.

Rex Tillerson of ExxonMobil Expected to Be Named Trump's Secretary of State: Sources

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