Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Final Word On The Book Freedom By Daniel Swarez

This second book in the two book series (that started with Daemon) was just as well writen, and maybe even a good deal more exciting. I have to say that these two books are not only enjoyable as very well done works of fiction, but are also encouraging as they state quite clearly that our corporate driven, disconnected from each other, as well as the land beneath us that now stretched far too thin to support us all, world is a new type of economic slavery. A slavery that creates its own neo feudalism.

Via wage dependency (that they manipulate via the threat of joblessness), and debt that seldom ever ends, we own less and less of what really matters, and therefore wield less and less meaningful control of our individual lives, as well as what matters to maintaining communities where everybody matters, having a real chance of contributing, and being recognized for that contribution.

One need only refer to one of several bits of dialogue to see this expressed (Page 96 -- The character Jenna Fossen):
My generation has no intention of living as serfs on a corporate manor, Dad. When people became more reliant on multinational corporations than on their own communities, they surrendered whatever say they had in their government. Corporations are growing stronger while democratic government becomes increasingly helpless.”
“Listen, whatever you’re going through—(Jenna's Father -- My addition: J.V.)”   
“Just look at corn and soybeans, subsidized with taxpayer money—creating a market that wouldn’t otherwise make sense. Why? So agribusiness firms have cheap inputs to make processed food. The taxpayers are basically subsidizing corporations to make crap, when we could have grown real food on our own. But, of course, they’ve made growing food illegal now. . . .”
He started to walk away. “I want you to leave with me.”  
 “Dad, there was a reason you didn’t want me or Dennis to go into farming. You wanted us to go to college and get away from here. Do you remember why? Do you remember what you said to me?”
He stopped. He didn’t face her, but nodded. “I said that there’s no future in farming.”   
“Food is the very heart of freedom. Don’t you realize that? If people don’t grow the food, we both know who will: biotech companies like Halperin Organix (controlling seed that has to be processed in factories before it can be turned into consumer "food" -- My addition: J.V.). How can people be free if they can’t feed themselves without getting sued for patent violations"
I really do hope that all of you take the time to read these two books. You won't be disappointed.