Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Next Book in The Damen Series

I'm just starting Freedom by Daniel Suarez and it begins with an interesting in plot news story. The thrust of the story is quite familiar to me and its nice to see other people connected to it. It has to do with another aspect of the efficacy of one investment, or commercial endeavor, as opposed to another. I'll just quote it here and then recommend that you get this book as well:
"Profits in Milliseconds—'Algorithmic stock trading is the future of finance,' according to Wall Street titan Anthony Hollis , whose Tartarus Group employs sophisticated software  that responds to market conditions, trading equities with sub-millisecond speed. Due to its extraordinary profitability, Hollis’s form of programmatic trading grew from 14 percent of all equity volume in 2003, to 73 percent of all volume in 2009. However, critics contend that high-frequency trades—where a single stock may be bought and sold multiple times an hour—only increases market volatility while producing nothing of value."