Sunday, December 11, 2016

Another Quote From the Book Freedom by Daniel Suarez

From page 22 in the Nook Book ebook edition. Razorbacks are the term given to automated motor cycles set up as killing machines:
BCM: “Nonetheless. If word got out that the Daemon had taken control of thousands       of corporate networks, it would cause a stock market panic.”                  
CSC: “Mr. Director, we can assure you that none of these razorback videos will ever         gain credibility by appearing in mainstream news.”                   
NSA: “But they’re being shared over the Internet. Millions of people have already         seen them.”                   
EndoCorp: “That’s a manageable problem.”             
NSA: “What do you mean it’s manageable?”                   
EndoCorp: “We’ve copyrighted the razorback.”             
NSA: “How does copyrighting them solve anything?” 
EndoCorp: “Owning the IP gives us legal control of their image. We’re spinning these viral videos as stealth advertising for an upcoming video game.”                   
CSC: “Which means the general public won’t take them seriously.”             
NSA: “Whose idea was this?”             
CSC: “We don’t get down in the weeds. It was done by our psyops division. As far as       the Millennials are concerned, these razorbacks are just guerrilla marketing.” 
CIA: “But people have witnessed these things. People have died. How do we explain that?”                   
BCM: “Fact and fiction carry the same intrinsic weight in the marketplace of ideas. Fortunately, reality has no advertising budget.”                   
CSC: “Persistence and presence create truth online.”