Monday, December 12, 2016

More Evidence That He is Not Fit For That Office

The Nation's intelligence community provides evidence of Russian tampering in our elections. Not only does he then propose a business man friend of the Russians as Secretary of State, but he also publicly denounces a part of the government a president must be able to count on. He doesn't bother to work behind the scenes to establish a better understanding of the why's and how's of a national security finding, something a reasonable person would do if they had doubts of the voracity of a conclusion. No, he simply discredits the whole apparatus out of hand on a TV network mostly noted for its propagandizing of all things newsworthy.

Could there be any better reason for that same intelligence community to react in horror over such behavior? And all because what they reported might possibly make him look bad?

Congress as a whole better start asking itself what's going to happen when they, after due diligence, pique his displeasure. Is all of the rest of government to be discredited publicly only because he might be made to look bad?

It's time to stand up all of you Representatives and Congress people. Stand up and declare this man unfit for office. Do so now before this idiot does any more damage to this nation.

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Longtime watchers of money in politics cannot recall any president in recent history who has filled a Cabinet with so many major donors.