Friday, December 16, 2016

So Is Trump Now Stepping Back From The Hacks Being "Ridiculous" notion?

With Trump now possibly backstepping on the hacks by asking "why didn't Obama do more about it," can we conclude he's taking the evidence more seriously now? Maybe. Anything is possible after all.

The assumption there in that question, though, is that he didn't make a deal with Putin, and so had some right to at first find it ridiculous. And now, because he supposedly weighs things so carefully, if only eventually, he might be taking another look. And in taking another look, and allowing for the possibility that the evidence might be interpreted as it has been, he now looks to question the interpretation. Thus giving us a new response of (paraphrasing) "if it was that suggestive why didn't Obama do more in reaction."

Whether Obama should have done more, as well as whether he should be doing more now, is a completely different question, the answer to which is a resounding "Hell Yes!" That he didn't, or that the Democrats now in general aren't doing much about it, just as they sit back meekly in regards to other Trump's offences, is certainly related to the veracity of the charges, but only in the sense that the obvious magnitude of them has them shaking in their boots about the overall consequences of doing the right thing. And in that one has to figure that its various combinations of fear for risking their own careers, as well as fears about rocking the boat in general with the electoral process, and the chaos that might rise from doing the right thing.

The article below also suggests plausible further considerations that the outgoing administgration believed the polling too much and took refuge in the belief that Hilary was destined to win anyway so why risk boat rocking at all. That this might be plausible, or even the truth, though, does nothing, in my view, to get them off the hook. This was still political cowardice and unbelievable timidity to act in the presence of the clear and present danger Trump has demonstrated from the get go.

The bottom line as far as Trump is concerned, however, is that this is not at all likely to be a pivot to accepting the truth of the hacking. He already knows it true. His throwing whatever doubt he can back at Obama, should people start accepting these findings as truth, is simply a means to keep as much doubt going as possible, so as to make sure attitudes never resolve enough for action to be demanded. And that folks is what you should be focused on.

Why Didn't Obama Do More About Russian Election Hack?