Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Everyone In the Intelligence Community Believes That the Russians Sponsored...

...The attacks that made up the over all meddling in our election. And a majority of that community goes further to say that the purpose was specifically to influence a Trump win. That is the bottom line in this latest report from nbcnews.com.

Then we have Trump himself not only going out of his way to praise Putin during the campaign (denigrating a sitting president in the process), he makes it clear he is going to cut the legs out from under NATO, following up with the decision to make a pro Russian oil executive (Rex Tillerson) his Secretary of State. If that is not a clear exchange of consideration (as they say in Tort Law concerning contracts) for services rendered, what the hell is?

Even if it was just a case of the Russians wanting to sow chaos into our political affairs how can a true patriot of this nation do the exact opposite of what should at least be well deserved criticism, if not the more logical call for specific, meaningful penalties against them (even if they are only more economic sanctions)?

That Trump has gone out of his way to congratulate so much of everything Russian in the face of what any other nation would call an act of war is just unconscionable for someone who's supposedly going to swear to defend and protect the constitution and our nation. How can there be any doubt then that he is simply not fit to serve? Why aren't all members of Congress stepping up to do what they swore to do? If they do nothing they are as shamefully responsible for this travesty as Trump himself. And if all of you reading this don't make demands of your delegation to kick Trump out you are simply aiding and abetting.

Why the CIA Thinks Russia Wanted Trump to Win

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For nearly a century, the Russians have been trying to weasel their way into the American political scene, but their point of entry has always been on the left. When they finally found an open door, it was on the other side.