Monday, December 19, 2016

Let's Be Clear About Why Hillary Lost

1. She ran a terribly uninspiring campaign.
2. She had no real answer to the very real deficiencies of a economic operating system that is now patently obsolete.
3. No real Answers meant nothing of hope to offer to a lot of folks who felt they were not being listened to.
4. Fake news propaganda, of lot of which is instigated by the Russians, has a significant number of quite ignorant Americans chasing after fever dream conspiracy fantasies.
5. Email hacking, and the selective release of same, in coordination with #4 above may well have tipped the balance for some key electoral vote states.

The separate issue of the hacking, and Russian interference with our political process, as it relates to a foreign state taking hostile actions against us, is one that needs a very serious response, using all of the economic, and diplomatic, and intelligence tools we possess. An issue made all the more difficult when the ostensible President Elect has very clearly made common cause with the leader of that hostile foreign state; an act that, all by itself, should be grounds to consider his being unfit to serve in that office.

Trying to lay Hillary's defeat only, or primarily, at the feet of the Russian hacking is wrong, and clearly counterproductive. The bottom line problem for Liberals is that they have, as Republican Lite politicians, become stuck in the process of making themselves ever more irrelevant. Which is precisely why Mr. Sanders was starting to have such appeal. The danger there, however, is in thinking that these semi Socialistic reforms of Capitalism will have long term positive effect and staying power. Obsolete is obsolete no matter what type of reform you might want to put on it.

The Rise of the Alt-Center

Why did establishment liberals fall in love with a deranged Twitter thread? It’s time for some game theory.