Saturday, March 31, 2018

And Now Business And Markets Rule Almost Everything

And hasn't it just become such a better world to live in because of it, now that it has just about completely burned out the capacity of the planet to hold on to life at all now. Just like it has burned out most of us with an ethic that promotes mostly selfishness, excess, corruption and addiction. What an accomplishment. And it still goes on promoting itself because it sure has been successful at selling us a bill of goods of extraordinary proportions.


How businesses campaigned to win constitutional rights and expand their political reach.

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[Post Note: And don't forget, it is their kind of logic that creates monstrosities like this: J.V.]

It's a history lesson worth remembering: The exploitation of immigrant workers only encourages more — and worse — abuse.

[Post Note: And then there are these type of considerations that Business As Usual just seems to always gloss over: J.V.]

The great peril we face comes not from an over-reliance on human judgment, but from a distinct lack of it. Indeed, the most bone-jarring risks before us have less to do with human error than with engineering hubris — and that hubris has been synthesized into the uncritically celebrated discipline of computer science.

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