Friday, March 2, 2018

Already So Many Dangerous Competitions With Other Nations

And this idiot thinks it would be a good idea to start a trade war; exactly where one of our dangerous competitions resides in.

This is the equivalent of him brandishing the steering wheel, of the clown car he has made of a Presidential Administration, pulled off its steering column of course, with him now waving it around proudly, out his clown car window, resounding with exaltation in the glorious abandon of using total anarchy as a means to do important process. He must do this, I guess, because there are not many other clowns left to appear magically out of it any more; his own inner audience, and comic diversion, to do their own hijinks of buffoonish imitation of persons who know what they are doing; and fall over each other, or under the clowncar, wonderfully as they gleefully make everything we face worse.

And yet we still wonder why.

In one sense he could just be up to his old tricks of fast facade change here. It will have resonation with the far Right, Fortress America, white nationalists. And it will resonate some with people who have been made to see that their job loss is only to do with gains made by others, on their backs; with the loss of their jobs, which is a significant part of what has been allowed to fuel populism these days (rather than try to question the faulty economic system that to seeks to pit working people against each other as a divide and conquer tactic).

Then again, it could be that Putin has decreed this to be the desired course of action, sending orders out via intermediaries. There is, after all, a big probability that "Vlad, the thinks he Glad," has Trump by the financial balls, as well as by being able to out him anytime he wants to as an actual, money laundering, or email complicit, criminal (at the very least). And why, you might ask, would Putin want that? Good question. If for no other reason than Putin's an idiot himself if he things bringing economic armageddon about will do him, or his nation any good in the long haul.

In the near term, certainly, he might see benefit to sort of leveling the playing field; as in my economy stinks, so why should I let any of the others continue doing well? The problem there, though, being that, just because you are good at trade craft in the corrupting business (which a good spy must be), doesn't also necessarily mean you are good at understanding complex, interconnected systems. Which means he could have no idea of just how dangerous such brinkmanship gaming might really be now (because we are only a few cascade events away from total collapse everywhere).

Or we could simply come back to my current favorite scenario: He craves the shiny of adulation and it is getting harder and harder to achieve as his antics do more and more to have the actual realities, of actual physical meaning space, thwart him, and his clown car. Making the space he has to maneuver in less and less. In which case you have to ask yourself, what does a wounded, facade changing clown do when he's cornered? Are you sure you really want to know?

Time will tell. Even as time runs out on what we might have as options to deal with in what is left of our own room to maneuver in, with so many other critical systems also ready to fail.

Trump defends tariff plan, says ‘trade wars are good’ as markets drop

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Cohn was reportedly furious at Trump's recent announcement of new tariffs on steel and aluminum.

[Post Note: I doubt that even super, super glue, or even epoxy impregnated carbon tape, for that matter, could fix this kind of "unglued." And yet those in and about the White House trot (or leak if you prefer) this sort of explanation out to do what exactly. Explain the unexplainable? Put some sort of patina of "you have to understand" around that which is never going to be fully understandable?

The only thing that would be understandable, at this point, would be the rest of institutional Washington DC regaining some sense of "what is needed now" and eliminate this situation that cannot be fully understood, or explained anymore, because you simply do not have a working, or workable, Presidential Administration at the present moment, and that is absolutely not going to change.

What can change, however, is that the not understandable, and the not explainable can, and will, get worse.

Any questions? J.V.]

Trump was angry and ‘unglued’ when he started a trade war, officials say

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