Thursday, March 15, 2018

So Many Things The Market Can't Do

What will it move you to do?

What will it move you to value?

As we spectate, numbly,  consumers only, of spectacle, as the world, and all life, dies out all around us.

The walkout these kids did is, and should be, truly inspiring. It shows us what can be done with taking direct, peaceful, action. Action we better all be contemplating very soon or there'll be nothing left truly worth moving.

Unless you are really into counting your bits as coins, from an environmentally controlled bunker. Alone.

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[Post Note: Will we be moved to value doing the things we should be doing to avert disaster? Or is it always going to be a case of seeing it through the lens of "but who's money will you be spending to make it happen?" It would be very sad indeed if that is as far as we get in how we chose to see what is important, and what is not. J.V.]

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