Monday, March 26, 2018

Putin's Criminal Capitalism Inc.

We need to be very clear about something. And that is the fact that it is not Russians that we have a problem with.

The fact of the matter is that we need Russian help. We need Russian technical, engineering expertise. We need Russian scientific expertise. We need the example of Russian perseverance in times of great difficulty to show us that we too can make it through hard times.

What we don't need is a particular Russian thug, who has made common cause with criminal enterprise, to act as another power hungry bully to get what he wants; which is only minimally connected to what is good for Russia, and maximally connected to what's good for him; which is, of course, why Vlad the Glad is so happy with the idiot we put into power in our government; because that idiot loves, and celebrates, such bullying criminals. Why else would he become Putin's money bitch otherwise, and why would he want to find more such friends around the world to become chummy with.

In a way, this is poetic justice for us here in the capital of Capitalism gone mad. It is precisely the kind of "turn around is fair play" that fate likes to hand out to people gotten too fat on their own hypocrisy, because criminal Capitalism flourishes quite well here despite our penchant for self delusion. And how can we fault a "player" in such enterprise for trying to take advantage of our own stupidity.

What we have to realize now is that Capitalism's penchant for corruption now is part and parcel of it having become a mutated monster by its own technological prowess for change; a prowess born of ever increasing competition globally for everything from market shares, and new sources of resource, to technical capability itself. Dangerous competitions that will threaten to destroy us, if nature doesn't destroy us first for our other criminal acts of thinking that her beauty is just something we can forge into power.

So the real bottom line here is that we reap what we sow, and unless we're ready to take real responsibility for ourselves nothing will change substantially. And this will not be the fault of any of the thugs who benefit now from Criminal Capitalism Inc. It will be our own fault for not seeing the truth and doing what it takes to make things right.


How organized crime took over Putin's Russia.

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