Monday, March 12, 2018

The Insane Juxtaposition Of So Many Disconnects

If you look at this selection of Digg articles (which I make no apologies for as it comes from my bias as a humanist and crazy dreamer) you really have to wonder about how we are ever to gain consensus about what is going on for both us as a nation, but also for humanity in general. For me it just boggles the mind.

In one sense we have it better than ever, so why are we so miserable (just because actual meaning is so hard to find). In another labor markets have changed unbelievably, but why haven't labor laws done so for better wages (because gosh, if we could just change a law then it would all be ok, right?). Then, in another, the planet, as we used to know it as a viable, living habitat, is in deep shit, and sinking fast. And lastly, one more prominent site on the web has been found to be pumping out BS science by the electro amplified pipe load. So what, actually, do we know?

If you, as an information consumer, wanting a deeper understanding of the world you live in, so as to have a chance to make good decisions, both personal, and public, were to be given a constant diet of such insanely divergent points of reference that, in its total gestalt of ongoing effect, where to be as suggestive of a kind of collective schizophrenia as this ought to suggest, what do you think would be the overall result?

Oh. Of course. The insane world we actually have now, but can't actually perceive correctly (in any kind of integrated, holistic way). Well... That explains a lot, or would if people could stop doing the crazy churn of what has become of "business as usual." Because we're all so caught up in the crazy, just trying to get by, as it were, that we're all on a kind of automatic pilot, doing what we've always done because nothing else has a chance to click in for a better chance to provide active, real time, cognitive control.

Doesn't bode well for anything good to come of it that I can see. That's all I can say. You are the ones making the big choices now, though. If you do not wake up soon there will be nothing to wake up to.

[Change Note: I didn't put the links in like I normally do because seeing this kind of disconnect continue, as an ongoing tide, or current, you might say, tends to have an effect on one. I just needed a while to walk it off. J.V.]

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