Thursday, March 29, 2018

Information and Knowledge Are Not Money

Should not be about money.

Passing information, and ability, to each new generation should not be about making money either.

And yet, here we are, in a system where information is about money, because it is money in every way it can be. That's because money is information, and vice versa, because it has all been electrified. Even more than being turned into ones and zeros in growing multitudes of servers, it is now electrons trying to seek the path of less resistance to the system of accumulation that serves to collect it. And nothing serves to smooth resistance than corruption, and addiction. And soon algorithms will be running themselves to do only that, for a collector, the people who paid for this madness, will bring into being without even realizing they are doing so. Assuming, of course, that the planet doesn't end that fantasy by making it quite unlikely we'll be able to continue to live here anymore.

Let us also be clear about something else here. Debt can be an instrument of control. Keep people saddled with debt and they are twice averse to being able to do any other kinds of mischief; you know, things like, for instance, where they find out about how outcomes for folks are absolutely not equitable at all anymore, and then want to do something to change it. That kind of mischief.

Having said all of that, however, you still have to understand something here. To truly get rid of this horrible thing called debt, as debt is now known to be, you have to get rid of the system that makes debt a part of its foundation. It is really that simple. Don't need debt if you come up with a system that doesn't need money in the first place. And why would we need money when we could use automation, and electrons, for the benefit of everybody, and the individual? Why would we need any of this monstrous mess that Capitalism has become? And remember, We Are The People. We get to create majorities that decide even the biggest of issues this nation might ever consider.

First and foremost here: Wake the hell up and take back control of your country. All working people. Salaried and hourly. Form your own Libertarian Socialist Party committees in every voting precinct. Start organizing in each. Do this yourselves because it makes sense to you, whether or not some fool charismatic or another is telling you to do so (or trying to tell you there's only one correct way to do it because that's not true at all). Do it for that community's needs and desires for a better way, but also for as many of the main principles of this party as I have suggested that appeal to you (I am biased and I let you know that), and all of the ones you think should be added for your own reasons. Then you start negotiating with other voting precincts on their stance, and how it can align with yours. Then you form ever increasing coalitions, via the same process, over an ever increasing sense of regional to national scope.

That is what forming a new part is all about. And if you are smart you will make doing the leadership a flexible combination of revolving, temporary task group leadership structures (a chairman and leadership board kind of thing, that you try to get as many participating in as possible). But that will be up to you as well. The bottom line here is that it has to be your party, for your area, but one that recognizes the advantages of trying to find ways to cooperate with as many of the other affiliates around you as you can. A party that would, I hope, recognize the wisdom of taking a balanced path as I have described it in my philosophy. If we can do this we can do anything. Absolutely anything.

The student debt crisis threatens the American way of life. Washington can't keep ignoring it.

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[Post Note: The irony here, that our teachers can't even afford to live where they teach, is just too plainly awful, and speaks for itself. J.V.]

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[Post Note: Here we see illustrated one of the main reasons information is so important to everyone. And why especially is it so that they know far more about us than they would ever let us know about them. You cannot have "Live, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness" if you cannot be a truly informed public. Better believe that if you believe anything. But that also means taking a lot more responsibility for yourself. Are Americans up for it or aren't they? J.V.]

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