Sunday, March 25, 2018

This Is Just Another Aspect Of What We Reap

When we sow the earth with the seeds of "Business As Usual" (#BusinessAsUsualHasToStop)

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, full of ocean plastic, keeps growing

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

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[Post Note: Another kind of contradiction for you to consider: J.V.]

Politicians use economics the way a drunk uses a lamppost — for support, not illumination.

[Post Note: Here we see Capitalistic contradiction close up. On the one hand, it is quite profitable to make us unhealthy; and so certain sectors of our economy benefit. That this also makes for a huge expense in other parts of the economy matters only to the sectors in said economy that must deal with it directly. And so we have policy, and ideology battles that rarely solve anything, but do serve to make things more turbulent. And that is simply because he who profits most likely wins the most battles (in the narrowest of contexts) within this now insanely contradictory way to be organized as a society. J.V.]

There's a reason why junk food is much cheaper than fruit and vegetables.

[Post Note: Here's a resource competition only a few are winning. How long, though, before those few are fighting amongst themselves for whatever is left?

And then there's the rest of the resources of our solar system as well. Are we seriously thinking of taking the always needing violence, way of thinking that personifies the economics of scarcity, out there? Out there is not only so much beauty, which power always wants to corrupt, but also material substance for which a lot of good could be done with; if it were done with a sense of balance of course, which is not what the economics of scarcity is about in any way, shape, or manner of disguise.

If you realize this. And if you are willing to own the responsibility of making it happen, we will have a way to make proper use of this bounty, and we won't need to take ever greater weapons along with, to do it. We will do that because we will have, by necessity, found a way to negotiate, and reach compromise, with even the most objectionable of other ways of seeing things. And we will do that because it is the only way humanity has much of any chance now to survive. J.V.]

Spectrum warehousing lets corporations control the price of the internet in the developing world.

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