Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Real Problem Here Is The Collateral Damage Already Done To Commercialized Message

Which means you'd be a fool to not doubt anything that comes out of any corporate entity. Which is a real problem. Not only because there are people actually trying to do Capitalism responsibly (and always have been), however few that may, or may not be, but that this then spills over into every other form of public message, for or against, pretty much any contentious issue. And so now we can hardly talk to each other at all any more.

Unless we change the dynamic of how we interact, in the main, socially, we will not be just shooting ourselves in the foot with a lot of misdirected, and miscommunicated, intentions to try and solve problems. We will, in fact, be pulling the pins, and pushing the buttons, to just blow it all up.

And the really sad, bottom line here, is that a lot of people have become either too burned out, too fed up, or just not really human, anymore, that they are, in a sense, gleefully, sadly, resignedly, or numbly, or whatever else, ready to help pull those pins, and press those buttons to make it happen. Which then means it's going to be all the harder for the rest of us to overcome the deficit.

The only question that really matters, though, is what your choice is going to be in this matter.


While Congress dithers, companies are taking action on issues like gun control. But is it all just an exercise in branding?

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[Post Note: And be sure to bring a gun to shoot yourself with before you return from your vacation celebrating the turning of our demise into a tourist attraction. J.V.]

Go quick; it's melting.

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