Saturday, March 17, 2018

This From People Who Were Celebrating The Leaks on Clinton When It Suited Them,

And who still leak when it suits them.

And the Gods only know what our de facto ex President has already leaked to the Russians (beyond what he's been caught doing just by stupidity) because he is, after all, Putin's Money Bitch.

And make no mistake. All these people around him, those already pleading guilty, and the rest acting so guilty, and the ex President finding it all but impossible to criticize anything Putin does; even when its assassinating people on foreign soil. All of this makes it as plain as that phoney hair of his. Any fool can see it now, and our ex President is beginning to realize this now, and is accordingly more desperate.

Just wait. What time is going to tell here is not going to be pretty at all. And the really sad thing is that fool with the phoney hair is probably going to enjoy every minute of it; whether he goes down or not.

McCabe: Trump wants to destroy me to stop Mueller probe

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It's illegal to fire career civil servants for political reasons. But that didn't stop Trump appointees from retaliating against an Iranian-American State Department staffer who played a role in the Iran nuclear deal.

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