Saturday, March 10, 2018

BlockChain Technology Doesn't Have To Be Used For Money

I have posted on this before, but I think it's worth putting at least one more stab into seeing if my alternative use for blockchain technology is worth further consideration by those in the business who a are lot smarter network people than I ever pretended to be. No biggie if it isn't mind you.

About the only thing more stupid than using bitcoins for money is thinking you need money in the first place to make a society go. And of course nothing could be further from the truth.

What you do need to make a society go is the free flow of information so that you can have an informed electorate; assuming, naturally, that Democracy is still a goal. Turn information into money, however, and you get a very bad situation indeed. And because the electrification of experience retrieval does exactly that you can readily see a big reason why we are in trouble now. Compounded, unfortunately, by the fact that information is also a way you can utilize to control folks (redefining things to your benefit, and preformming questions so that there are only the answers you want to be available as possible responses, so you also tend to get a very significant, possible, corrupting factor put into the very exercise of trying to have social intercourse at all, so that the process of compromise can begin. And that, as we have seen in the manipulation of posts by foreign actors is, in and of itself, a lot of extra bad.

If one were to look at conversations about various topics, whether the conversations occur on commercially provided social interaction sites, or via more formal public, government sponsored discussions sites, one way to consider the process is that it is, in fact, just topic transactions to a topic thread. Why couldn't some application of this form of transaction linkages to a secure store of overall topic state, with the various public and private keys, and a dedicated network of independent checking servers to do the group verification thing; why couldn't that be applied to important public conversations?

Not to say it would be necessarily easy mind you. Or that it wouldn't take a lot of extra network effort and support, but if it could be done mighten it provide a means to validate an individual making a topic content change, as opposed to some bot algorithm running on multiple compromised processors?

Just a thought.

Bitcoin Is Ridiculous. Blockchain Is Dangerous

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