Wednesday, August 22, 2018

We Can't Even Defend Ourselves Properly Now Because Money Just Gets In The Way

Even though we spend more than all other major nations combined. And all because of money, and the corruption fueling, economic operating system we blithely call Capitalism; when it should be called "Addicto-Corruptionism" now,  because that is truly what it is.

The recent conviction of administration officials should only be an exclamation point to the deeper problem of needing to scrap this toxic waste heap, and start over with something completely new.

How could it be any more obvious. How could it.

How many times must this kind of brickbat of obviousness hit you before you do something about it. That's what I really want to know. Because now that you see, you have to ask yourself: are those idiots trying to feather their own beds, at the expense of all life on the planet the real villains? Or is the majority, who just sit on their asses, and do little but make excuses, for doing nothing much different at all, as they watch all this continuously unfold?

Because that would require accepting a great deal of responsibility for making the change happen. That would require forsaking whatever "cold comfort" zone you have now; as in actually not texting, and tweeting, and shopping, and buying, and doing the job that is still your little bit of "business as usual." In short, it would require real sacrifice from all of us wanting peaceful change. And if we could marshal the desire for that change, with the willingness to sacrifice, we can begin to engage the Big Money people with the kinds of labor stoppages that they have only known in their worst fears of labor organization.

Think long and hard on this because it is no conceit at all to say that the fate of the planet rests on it.

Someone Is Waging a Secret War to Undermine the Pentagon’s Huge Cloud Contract

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[Post Note: And what's really "throttled" when major carriers pull something like this? Do you suppose this company would be so. at least outwardly, remosefull if they could have had this information squelched in the first place? J.V.]
Image: Mendocino Complex Fire
Fred Greaves / Reuters file


Verizon admits 'throttling' data to firefighters amid California blaze

The company admitted it should have lifted speed restrictions for firefighters battling the largest fire in state history, but said the issue was not due to the rollback of net neutrality rules.

[Post Note: And of course, how do we defend the sanctity of information, much less informed citizens, if we can't stop having information being so damned much like money. Whereupon, certainly, any institution charged with providing an aspect of information to us becomes a target for every kind of con, subterfuge, attack, and outright co option. Do you seriously think a free press can survive this sort of environment indefinitely? J.V.]

At a Kiev nightclub in the spring of 2012, 24-year-old Ivan Turchynov made a fateful drunken boast to some fellow hackers.

[Post Note: And what are you going to defend in the first place if there's so little water left we end up fighting each other. J.V.]

"If something like this happens again next winter, then we'll be in big trouble."

[Post Note: And Here Are More Indications Of How Money Has Gotten In The Way. Money and the "Addicto-Corruptionism" that now rules this nation. J.V.]

[Post Note: They may not be Conservative, or Liberal, but they are certainly greedy individuals bent on profit above all else. And they will ensure that money gets in the way of most of what the majority of working people need to live, and love, as life, in balance, ought to dictate; along with a truly well informed electorate that can then take responsibility for themselves; and in large part because we won't have to fight over information nearly as much anymore.  J.V.]


The enemy of social media is not Alex Jones. It's labor costs and controversy.

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