Thursday, August 16, 2018

It Continues Until The Next Big Disruption

And there will be a next, "Big Disruption," because how can there not be when you are continually pumping in more and more turbulence into all of our social systems now; for us as a Nation, as well as for the actions of others doing much the same thing in their own countries. Just as we have been pumping in turbulence into the environment; as in a series of system carrying capacity overloads (too much of this and that in the air and the water everywhere); and now we reap the whirlwind.

This is the other side of "Live By The Market, Die By The Market," that investors just don't seem to be factoring in much at all these days; at least as yet. A factor that goes beyond not letting your counters get sucked up into low velocity turnover entities, in terms of quarterly return, even if some huge potential market control, in an idealized future, might be at stake (as in the Amazon's, NetFlix's and Elon Musk adventures so far). This is where the risk of ever more serious trigger events occurring is going to start hitting home to folks in "Big Money" world. And each time a bad thing happens you will see venture capital get more and more cautious because of it.

And let's be clear here. The likelihood is that another bad event will put a huge damper on consumer spending precisely because ordinary working people are going to be the most likely to be hit the hardest, when the event in question does happen. And let's also be clear as to just how shaky most working people are now paycheck to paycheck; as well as to question just how much more total debt load working people can keep on servicing.

These things have huge potentials for bad interactions; which only makes things even worse for State and Local governments, who can barely do basic services now. And make no mistake on that front. Once things start spiraling down, with folks getting less and less help, in times of increasing instability, the incendiary to light a terrible urban expression of frustration, and rage, won't have to amount to much more than the right tweet storm from the right group of idiots.

Consumer spending is keeping retailers healthy, but for how long?

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[Post Note: And because commercial competitions, as well as resource competitions, continue to get more dangerous, so to do the necessarily related military competitions become. And we all know now that nobody is going to win the next big war. Absolutely nobody. No matter which army defeats the other, and no matter how badly. Because any fool can see what a whole lot more destructive chaos is going to do to our already accelerating run to destroy the planet by toxic, economic means. And what it would further do to any chances of organizing the world to actually start fixing things for a change; maybe even to hope we could bring this wonderful blue marble back to health again. J.V.]
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[Post Note: And because crazy knows no bounds when it comes to electrons turned into money, because that is Rumpelstiltskin turning imagination into gold, boom and bust will go hand in hand with drug like compulsion to hurry through, ever faster, the cycle of going up, and coming down, ever faster. Because, just like the gambler, who doesn't really want to be rich, so much as they just want the continued rush of risking for continuously bigger stakes, and simply not caring what crashing does to them, or anybody else. Because of that, you can just bet yourself, because you will be, that life is going to become a whole lot more of going up, and crashing down, in the next few years; only the crashing down will eventually make itself be totally "not to be ignored any longer." And let me just tell you that that last one is going to be a real ass biter of epic proportions. J.V.]

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