Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Commoditization Of "We Can't Afford Children"

This juxtaposition ought to be cause for great sadness, depression, and a lot of dismal head shaking.

What have we come to when, not only is it too expensive to have children any more, for most working people in any case, no matter where you live, it is also now more profitable to send our truly fundamental "seed stock" overseas for actual production purposes.

And of course, why not by the logic of this now perverse, and toxic, mutated monster. A recent article just showed how we now make most of our critical pharmaceuticals in China. Why not have the world make babies for us with our seed. Who cares if they come back to haunt us as refugees. We'll just snap into a VR of choice and zone out till we have to get back on that killing treadmill we now call "just getting by."

America's Hottest Export? Sperm

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[Post Note: So now the commoditization of medicine takes all of the passion, and caring, out of healing, making even the physicians little more than functionaries dispensing purely cost based treatment paths; specified more by preserving capital formation than health; emphasizing, as it does, doing the least possible, to at least get the symptoms under control for the moment, and the patient removed from the facility's responsibility to incur any further costs, or liabilities, as soon as efficiency only process can make it. J.V.]

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