Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Perhaps The Deeper Question Here Is Why We Continue With The Hothouse Environment

[Post Edit Note: Having looked back here, it has become quite apparent that the second paragraph in this post was not stated correctly. So I have made changes of meaning there that should be noted.  There has also been one extra word added to the beginning of the third paragraph. J.V.]

That makes everything now inside it grow abnormally.

And whether that's the actual environmental conditions we face now with global warming, or the ever increasing, dangerous competitions, that are the hallmark now of a mutated, economic operating system, matters only in how each system is overloaded, because both results are catastrophic.  That being said, our mutated economic operating system is still the one that saturates all forms of communication now with messages engineered to use every kind of abnormal emphasis one could imagine, on every base instinct we have. All so as to channel consumption to specific conglomerates, via the most successfully manipulative of the competitors. As such the ability to even consider the problems in the first place is compromised, much less to get viable solutions for.

Of course, even if all of this weren't in place we'd still be the weak, fallible, too prone to fear creatures we've always been, but at least we wouldn't be applying ever greater insane incentives, to do more to make our condition even worse. Maybe we could even begin to think about how we could actually work to do something useful, for a change, concerning our shortcomings. Something that would require both personal responsibility, with collective intelligence, and empathy. And if we started with a clean slate as to how we could go about doing a new organizational methodology, and put all of our heads together, to try to work out a reasonable compromise, we might just come up with a new approach that could give people a chance to be better than what nature started us off with. Isn't that the whole point of "A man's reach should exceed his grasp."


Funding technological solutions to algorithmically-generated fake videos only puts a bandage on the deeper issues of consent and media literacy.

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[Post Note: I'd like to think that I have improved myself with the ability to let go of myself completely in a form of transcendental meditation. The problem here, naturally, is that all of this sounds way too metaphysically "hoaky" to be taken seriously. Even though there might actually be a perfectly sound scientific explanation for why not filtering all of what can be received, as far as useable information is concerned, can give us a vast new window into what the Cosmos is actually capable of transmitting, information wise. Because everything is semi permeable, and boundary oh so problematic. And that the idea of savant is something we just haven't looked into nearly enough, seriously enough. J.V.]

A self-help skeptic is confronted with evidence — anecdotal and scientific — that we may be able to think ourselves into a better place.

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