Wednesday, August 8, 2018

It's Not Really A Military Problem At All That Faces Silicon Valley

It's a problem as to what, ultimately, motivates us all.

The question really is whether we are to be motivated by profit, and and all of the disconnecting aspects that surround the horrible cold logic of money. Or whether we will take our own lives into our hands and then find a combination of both reasoned practicality, and a heartfelt desire to do what it takes to keep us connected to each other via bonds of enlightened give and take. Bonds that show not only what love is capable of giving us, but love done with mindfulness of getting what needs to be done, done.

That, you see, is the only way we're going to be able to cooperate, and compromise, with each other in order to agree on much of anything. The only way we will be able to walk a path of balance. Balance that won't always give us what we want, but will give the majority what they need. And right now that's a planet we can all survive on; at least long enough to start making it possible for folks to migrate elsewhere, and on a basis that really shows we mean to give every all of humanity its chance to spread out, with the best chances of survival human ingenuity can muster.

And this truly is not rocket science. We had an operating system that made sense, to a certain degree, way back when. It succeeded in raising general material well being, as well as scientific knowledge, for humanity to amazing levels. But this was done at great cost to both human suffering, as well as damage to this amazing blue marble of an immense, round, spinning, spacecraft. And now, technological change itself has made it something completely different than what it started out as. Change, as with the electrification of experience retrieval, that was not in any way anticipated by those who first conceived of this new economic operating system. This has rendered what is left of the old system down to something not only quite monstrously horrible, but also quite toxic to the further development of life in general, and our emotional, and cognitive abilities as well. The extremes in both weather, and social behavior, that we see amply demonstrated on ever more manipulated media, is the result. 

Now the choice is in your hands. Better choose wisely. You have a lot riding on this.


Silicon Valley's emerging role in America’s forever war.

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[Post Note: And of course, this has to do with a lot more than just what occurs with our military. Because the real motivations behind so much of Big Money Tech, despite what the hype might claim, is about getting to be the biggest before the other guys do. J.V.]

"The smart city industry is a Trojan horse for technology companies. They come in under the guise of environmentalism and improving quality of life, but they're here for money."

[Post Note: Just so you remember why you have a lot riding on this. J.V.]

I'm a journalist who covers climate change, and I've written thousands of words about the Southwest's hot, dry future. Yet whenever my husband fretted about our future in New Mexico, I found myself punting, offering half-baked reassurances that we'd be fine. And then this year, winter never came.

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