Monday, August 13, 2018

The Last Gasp Of The Democratic Party Continued

I know, it looks like the Blue Wave might provide some payoff in terms of real midterm election gains. The Dems seem likely now to gain seats in both houses. But let's not forget that this is the Democrats after all, and they are very good at sabotaging themselves. And who knows what catastrophe will occur between now an election day. Because with the right combination there all bets are off on a lot of our stressed, and not appreciated in many cases, necessary social institutions; having not only a working government, mind you, but a working economy as well, being only a few of them

Let us assume, however, that the flying apart, running on it's own inertia, even as it accelerates the flying apart aspect (which is why it seems like the economy is booming), economy hangs together, and the Dems do take back a majority in the House, and say, only nominal gains in the senate. What then? Would it be time to celebrate just because you will be able to start the impeachment process?

The thing is, though, I don't want that process, to be the emphasis here. So let's also assume that the process does start, whatever you feel is the right, or the wrong of it, and it then moves over to the Senate for a trial to begin. That being said, you can bet it will take a great deal of time to have it get dragged completely out; with all sorts of crazy in the variables as to how desperate certain individuals might get. But again, that aside, the likelihood is that what little is left of the Republican Party will still have the clout to make sure it gets dragged out to the max.

That means at least two years of economic life, in my opinion, and probably more, as what has taken over from the Republicans will see the next Presidential election as their prime bid for doing the left in once and for all. And they may well be in the catbird seat at that point because of what they might be able to do to the economy in those ensuing two years (even besides the bad things that are going to occur otherwise). And that is why the Dems are so vulnerable. But let's look at it a little deeper.

Traditional Dems are on the out now because they don't have any more of a clue about the new realities of Capitalism than most of traditional economics does. And the idea that it can still be "Reformed" is starting to finally sound ridiculous even to them. And so what of the Progressives?

This is where Progressives must step back and think this through very carefully. I know you see this, finally, as an opportunity to get real sway over runaway greed, but doing it piecemeal, within the very system you are trying to change, will be the biggest disaster the Progressive movement has ever brought upon itself. Because not only will you be making changes to an economy nobody fully understands the workings of anymore, and for which, precisely, your changes can't be understood as to the full extent of their "unintended side effects," either; but also because it will be in the economic interest of sufficiently powerful players to make things as bad for you as they can.

No matter what you do you can count on "Big Money" not supporting you, at least in the majority, in my opinion; or at the very least with a majority so slim that it leaves the minority still able to pull all sorts of "make you look bad" strings with; which themselves might also cause extra, "unintended side effects."

I would urge you to consider that if you take this bait all you will be doing is setting yourselves up for one of the biggest smack downs in political history. And all the while...

All the while the really important priorities of finding an alternative to Capitalism will go begging. All the while the truly pivotal moment in human history will go begging (because we're not talking about full mobilization) as we fritter away what may be the last eight to ten years we have left to start making enough difference to save this planet; as in all life as we know it. And of course, Save humanity from itself as well.

Please, all of you. Think long and hard on this. A great deal will be riding on it.

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