Monday, August 27, 2018

Making Money Is Going To Be Less And Less About Making Anything Of Real World Substance

No matter what that costs society as a whole. And you won't care because they will make the insubstantial plenty addicting enough, don't you worry. And then the chemists will always be able to help kick things up a notch or two, in the deluxe model of whatever new VR modality comes into being. And then the geneticists will start working on just the right alterations, for the right people naturally; to each according to his, or her, own manifest destiny, or so they will come to see it.

How long do you think savey capital is going to tolerate the long view returns of your Amazons, or Netflixs, or Tesla's? Who cares if they still actually make things, or make a very necessary service; and might, at some point down the road, be able to make a lot of money. Assuming, of course, that the consumers are still interested in things outside of VR. Even if they just "have fun themselves" to death. Better way to go, don't you think, than what's coming from Mother Nature?

As always, time will tell.

Fortnite's Revenue Growth Is Slowing -- CNBC

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[Post Note: I recognize that the people associated with this new game development also hope that this sort of biometric technique might be used for beneficial psychological effects. And maybe it might. Then again maybe it won't. You just have to ask yourself which you think is the most likely; because, of course, if making money is involved, what is most likely is not going to be something that benefits the user nearly as it benefits the money maker. At least if the history of money making is any guide here. J.V.]

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[Post Note: And then there are the things You Are Not Paying Attention To As Gaming Absorbs You Into Its World. J.V.]

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