Monday, August 6, 2018

The Commoditization Of Poverty Follows Along Closely With The Commoditization Of Addiction

And because there can be money to be made here, as well as to pigeon hole poor people into a very convenient, self sustaining circle of "institutionalized," there's definitely something wrong with you, and by implication, not wrong with the system thinking, because you can then be made to seem to be unable, or unwilling, to do what it takes to become a "good" citizen again. But of course, the system doesn't really want you to work your way out; not if it can suck at least one more drop of blood out of you, and by further implication, serve as an unspoken cautionary to those who would attempt to rock the boat in any way.

If this is not a very good definition of evil by systematic neglect of intent, I do not know what is. But one thing is for sure. This is but another aspect of what it means when we continue doing "Business As Usual." And until the fundamental immorality of that sinks in we're obviously in store for a lot more of systematically cementing people into money making vicious circles. And if you are not actively involved in fighting this, you are at the very least, tacitly agreeing to having it not only continue, but to grow as well, because you can just bet that there will be a lot more poor people (as well as addicted) being minted in the years to come as things get ever more closed down, confrontational, and desperate. A fact that is inevitable when one sees just how unstoppable all of the dangerous competitions that Capitalism has the entire planet engaged in now. Unstoppable of course if one thinks only in terms of what can be done from inside of this mutated, corrupt, and ever so damaging means of social organization.

It is done. It is obsolete. And worse of all it has become a toxic monster to every aspect of what it means to be human. Will you be a part of changing it, or will you be just another victim. The choice is yours.


How the poor became an alien population.

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