Monday, August 6, 2018

It Is Still People, Fortunately, That Make Up Most Companies

And ultimately, it will be those working people who will decide whether we work for our values, and the system works for us, or whether is it time to just surrender; to give up and let quite limited sets of "others" decide what is valuable, and submit to whatever comes next.


This week, reports surfaced that Google is working on a search app and a news app that will be censored to comply with Chinese laws. The new software could be seen as a turnabout of the company's previous stance against censorship that it has held for years, dating back to Google's decision to effectively pull its search business out of China in 2010. Google, at the time, said it was standing up against censorship. So what has changed since 2010, and what has stayed the same?

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Facebook and Google made billions mining personal data, and fought off anyone who threatened to stop them. Then came a challenge in their own backyard.

[Post Note: Would we get to know stuff like this if our media were run like China seems to want to run it's media? J.V.]
Study: Blue light from screens can steadily blind us

[Post Note: We should note, naturally, that the majority reliance on working people, as mentioned in this post's title. is not going to last forever.

Use it or lose it, as they say.


There is no shortage of predictions about how artificial intelligence is going to reshape where, how and if people work in the future. A more humble version of the technology, however, is already making its presence felt in a less glamorous place: the back office.

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