Sunday, August 5, 2018

Peaceful, United Labor Action Across The Entire Spectrum Of Working America Would Show Them

It would show them just how much "We rise together homie" might come to mean if it were wielded by the majority of working America as one voice. One voice that would shout out: "It doesn't work for us any more, why should we work for it?"

This will likely be the only way you will ever make them listen. Them, of course, being the few who hold the most of what passes for valuable now; which also includes money and, unfortunately, information itself. Which, as it happens, is also what is at stake here if we have any hope of having any kind of real Democracy. They'll try to dress a dictator up to look like a freedom loving believer of the vote, but you know the vote will be "Gerrymandered" in some form or another, even if they continuing bothering to do pretend Democracy.


An interview with Antoine Dangerfield, whose video of an Indianapolis wildcat strike went viral this week — and led to his firing. He doesn't regret it, though.

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